Today marks the launching of – junubinonline.com as a platform for all the people of South Sudan wherever they are.  It’s a challenging undertaking, but we are confident that the enthusiasm and determination to create a free and independent venue for exchanging ideas and constructive political discourse worth the effort.  It’s also open for our brothers and sisters in Sudan, the neighbouring countries, and indeed those in the world who want to share their opinions with the public.

The website welcomes all constructive articles, commentary, and other contributions deemed beneficial to the public. While we would make every effort to publish the materials sent to us, it’s essential that contributors abide by the universal regulations that guide publications.

We advise our readers to desist from using inappropriate language, personal insults or false information. Also, there is no room for materials propagating tribal sentiments, racism, regionalism, and other divisive activities.

Free and independent opinions and commentary are most welcome on junubinonline.com.

Thank you